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The power of precision betting with the key features of our bet tracker


Effortlessly log and categorize your bets, adding crucial details like sport, type, and outcomes.

Enhance your strategy by adding notes, odds, bookmaker and tags to differentiate and learn from each wager.

Add events to your bets to track each of them individually and change the state with a single tap.


Take charge of your finances with automatic bankroll calculations.

Set budgets, avoid overspending, and ensure responsible betting.

Create multiple budgets and divide them per categories to check how much are you spending on each.


Elevate your game with detailed stats about all your bets.

Monitor your ROI, win rate, total profit/loss, accuracy per league and per bet type.

Identify patterns, strengths, and weaknesses to refine your betting strategy.

Explore the features that make our app the go-to choice for both seasoned bettors and beginners.
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Bet Tracker

Elevate Your Strategy with Flawless Bet Tracking and Detailed Insights

All your bets in one place

Effortlessly monitor and categorize every bet with our intuitive bet tracker feature.

Stay in control by adding key details, such as sport, type, and outcomes, while gaining valuable insights into your betting patterns.

Elevate your precision with the ultimate bet tracking experience.

Event-Centric Betting Insights and Bet Types

Explore a new dimension of betting precision with our Events feature.

Dive deep into individual events, tracking bet types and outcomes with unparalleled detail and combine them with the combo feature.

Ready to use templates with all bet types, for example import over 100 pre-designed bet types for football in one tap and enhance your betting strategy.


Maximize Wins, Minimize Risks with Smart Budgeting

Smart Bankroll Management

Effectively manage your funds with our intuitive Budget feature.

Create as much budgets as you want, set financial goals, avoid overspending, and ensure responsible betting.

Empower your betting journey with automatic calculations that keep you in control and track how much are you spending for each category.

Take charge of your bankroll and elevate your betting experience with strategic financial planning.

Financial Insights at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly gauge your financial performance with our Budget Statistics feature.

Dive into detailed stats, including expenditure, winnings, and budget adherence and the list of all the bets for the period selected.

Track trends, identify strengths, and refine your financial strategy.

With clear insights, stay in control and maximize your winnings while minimizing risks.


Precision Insights for Strategic Betting Success

Analytical Bet Tracker

Embark on a journey of self-discovery in your betting endeavors through our Statistics feature.

Delve into crucial metrics such as ROI, win rates, and total profit/loss, providing a holistic overview of your performance.

These insights serve as your compass, guiding you to refine your strategy and elevate your success rate with each bet.

Precision Analysis by League and Bet Type

Fine-tune your betting precision with the Accuracy Per League and Bet Type.

Uncover the intricacies of your strategy by filtering results based on date, analyzing accuracy across various leagues, and discerning patterns in different bet types.

From football to basketball, our tool empowers you to optimize your approach, capitalizing on strengths and crafting a strategy that ensures success in every game and know where it’s better to place the next bet.

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